The core principle of The Level is to reduce the impact of consumption, through promoting a circular economy.

Although we are reducing our impact on the planet by not creating new products, we still believe that as a brand our responsibility goes beyond that.

Therefore, we aim to be totally transparent about all the principles, resources, tools and processes we use every day, and how we try to be as low impact as possible


As part of our deep commitment to sustainability, we have set out a base of core sustainability principles which we feel address the major sustainability issues facing businesses like ours.

Carbon Emissions


As a 1% for the Planet member, we commit to dedicating a share of our income to charities fighting climate change. Our main focus is supporting reforestation projects in Portugal, which help to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Eventually we hope to secure carbon offsetting to cover all our operations and make The Level carbon neutral indefinitely.

Responsible Packaging


We ship all our orders in FSC certified cardboard boxes, made with 100% recycled material and biodegradable paper tape.

Our hangtags are made using recycled paper stock, bio-based inks and natural cord material and all packing slips are printed on recycled paper using a refillable tank printer.

Unethical Materials


We choose to sell second-hand leather and synthetic fibres as part of The Level. From an environmental and ethical standpoint we do not support the production of new goods with these materials and understand the impact they continue to have.

However, we hope that offering these items pre-loved can reduce the demand for new goods manufactured from these materials, whilst keeping existing goods from landfill.

Disposable Plastic


Dealing with the plastic crisis threatening our planet is one of the greatest ecological issues facing our generation, therefore The Level is based on a plastic free principle.

We avoid using disposable or single use plastic items in the daily operation of the brand. We also don’t ship or package any items in plastic bags or mailers.


We buy many different types of secondhand clothing. No matter where we source our items, we hand pick each and every item.

This way we can ensure the quality, cut, fabric, fit and even the colour are perfect. By choosing to work in this way we are able to maintain a high standard of quality in the items we source.

We buy many garments from many different sources, the main types of which are outlined below:


Second hand items can be from any brand level or source. You might not be the first person to own these items, even if it is a relatively contemporary piece.

Vintage items are pieces with at least 20 years of age, normally they are harder to find in optimum condition, but tend to be more unique and characterful.



We buy deadstock from suppliers or stores that have over produced on not sold specific items to give them a second chance at being used. Normally we find them in ‘as new’ quality and they are often available in multiple sizes.



Just a small size alteration or detail change can make something that was once old, new again. We work in collaboration with local Portuguese designers and seamstresses, to create fresh contemporary items.


We hand pick our pieces from many different sources and we always make sure that the pieces we buy are clean, free from damage and have minimal wear and tear.

However, the nature of vintage is that items naturally acquire small signs of use from the lives they enjoyed before we found them.

Therefore we always make sure to check and double check every item so we can fix, clean or make a note of any imperfections before we list them.


Garment Condition


We try to always select items with high quality finishes and fabric, free from any irreparable damage or marks.

We fix as much as we can in house but sometimes we send things out for specialist cleaning or repairs to achieve the highest standard possible.

Before listing items, we make simple, specific notes of any patina or marks still present, before we upload to make your shopping experience simpler.

We provide after care advice for all of our garments, just reach out to us and ask and we would be happy to help.